Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slice # 25: Raindrops

Minute bodies of water increased by seconds and soon enough it started to rain. Not the heavy thunderstorm rain but a pretty light drizzle. The palm trees swayed like it was dancing with the wind, the sun was smiling, ocean waves crashed at shore. Fairy lights dimmed in the background and the wind chimes whistled. There was nothing like this that could be explained in words.  I just tried to burn this vivid picture into my head.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Slice # 23: I need love too...

To whoever is reading this,
This is not about my life, in fact I have very happy life with my family and friends.
I actually had no idea what to write for slice # 23 so I was looking at my friends blogs. One of friends had headphones as her idea for one of her past slices, and so I tried brainstorming. Despite it being all gloomy I though this would be an okay one. This is why I wrote this.

The headphones were the only thing that blocked everything out. The only thing that blocked out the nightmare like reality. Everyday I would wake up to see my beaten up mom and my so-called father drinking alcohol, my older brother Jacob stuck in his room. It consisted of me making breakfast, getting ready for school. Or at least what everyone thinks. However I go to the rundown record shop tucked away into the dark alleyway. Nobody questions or even greets however I like it that way, keeping distance. Then I put on my headphones. Loud music is harsh in the morning but it's the only way to escape my tragic life. It brings me to another world, another dimension, just somewhere I can cut loose and be free. People only talk about the freedom they want to give to slaves, child labor. However do they see this? See that some children are broken, need as much love and attention. Time flies in my paradise and soon it is time to go back. When I do get back though something is wrong, everything is all cleaned up. No beer bottles, no broken glass shards, no trace of what my life had been until now. Cautiously I walked towards my room, let all my stuff down. I called,"Mom, Dad, Jacob?" There was silence before I heard a faint"Here." Picking up my pace I walked into the dusky room, I turned on the lights. When my eyes adjusted to the lighting. All three of my family smiled at me. "Welcome back home," And these were the only words I had wanted to hear. The ones maybe could even turn my world upside down. Tears streamed down. I snuggled into the warmth of my family. Could this be the turning point for me?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Slice # 21: Touch Rugby

The sun was pounding onto my shoulder, sweat trickled down. This was my second game and this time it was with the 7th graders. Butterflies flew furiously around, the 7th grader probably were better, more experienced. Every nerve of my body tensed up as the whistle blew. We ran as far as we could before the other team screamed,"TOUCH!" It went along better than I thought it would have been. The 7th graders were a better but not by far, they were more fast and agile. After what seemed like an eternity, the whistle blew announcing the end. It was break time for the 7th and 6th graders. When we started resting the 8th grade boys came up with a handful of 9th graders. They started a match and it was interesting to watch. The high school team was a mix of boys and girls but they were equally as good. High schoolers were very competitive, it was kinda hard to watch because someone would get so easily hurt by falling on the thorny grass. At the end I didn't know who won, but they were all exhausted huffing and puffing. I smiled looking at how hard they played each other.

Slice # 20: Na Kyung

She can be the sun on a cloudy day
She can be a mama bear if I'm hurt
She can be a smiley face when I'm down
But she'll always be my best friend

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Slice #19: Danbi

Funny, weird and cute.
She is my little midget.

Despite the teasing she receives from me,
always there smiling for me.
She is my little angel.

May not be the smartest nor most fit,
but she is a part of my heart, my life.
She is my little munchkin.

Who stayed with me during my most 
embarrassing moments, sad moments and happy moments.
She my little darling.

She is one of a kind.
She is my little best friend.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Slice #16: Starbucks

The fog of coffee is heavy, it tickles my nose as it enters. One minute the coffee maker hisses then continued by people's shoes tapping against the wooden floor. Every one is either on their computer furiously typing away while a minority is chatting with their friends. However, each individual has a different type of drink. Some like cappuccinos or an americano, a ice blended frappuccino or a classic hot chocolate. Each drink represents what that person's personality could be like. Starbucks is another dimension where creative ideas spark, tightens your friendship bond or just a getaway. I slowly take the last sips and walk towards the door. It is time to get back into reality.